yabo88阿根廷Brandt Ag刀片



Brandt’s ag blade allows you to take on a wider range of jobs with your wheeled articulated four-wheel drive tractors. Whether you’re moving snow, handling silage, maintaining your property, or doing grading work, this high-capacity dozer blade gets the job done quickly and effectively. And it comes in a variety of blade widths and heights, making it easy to find the right dozer blade for your operation. Add to that multiple frame mount options to match the make and model of your tractor, and you have a perfect fit for your tractor and your farm.
Ag刀片 说明
40" 叶片宽度(宽x高):12',14',16',18'x 40“
48" 叶片宽度(宽x高):14',16',18',20'x 48英寸

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