Ditch Witch Mini Skid Steers

Mini Skid Steers


Power,多才多艺,productivity,maneuverability,可靠性-Ditch Witch®紧凑型公用设备系列的每个成员的特点。If you want to go more places,accomplish more tasks,and earn more revenue,Ditch Witch compact construction equipment has more of what you need.
Mini Skid Steers Rated Power 倾覆荷载 工作重量
SK350 20 hp @ 3000 rpm 1030 lbs 1660 lb
SK750 3000转/分时24.8马力 2285 lbs 2890磅
SK752 3000转/分时24.8马力 2285 lbs 2926 lb
SK755 32.8 hp @ 3000 rpm 2285 lbs 2890磅
SK850 37马力@3000转/分 3035 lbs 3100 lb