John Deere Scrap Grapples

Scrap Grapples

Each unit includes two independent-action grapples that allow different-sized objects to be picked up in each grapple.
Scrap Grapples Weight Dimensions (LxWxH)
GS60 717 lb 36.8 in x 60 in x 45.9 in
GS66 770 lb 36.8 in x 66 in x 45.9 in
GS72 878 lb 36.8英寸x 72英寸x 45.9英寸
GS78 911 lb 36.8英寸x 78英寸x 45.9英寸
GS84 948 lb 36.8 in x 84 in x 45.9 in