John Deere Articulated Dump Trucks


Big-Time Productivity

If you're looking to deliver big numbers to your bottom line, put John Deere Articulated Dump Trucks to work. Their quieter cabs are loaded with productivity and uptime-enhancing refinements such as auto shutdown, push-button transmission and dump-body controls, onboard weighing, and tire-pressure monitoring, to list just a few.
铰接式自卸汽车 额定功率 工作重量 额定有效载荷
260E 321 hp @ 1900 rpm 102925 lb 70224 lb
310E型 1900转/分时为354马力 112374 lb 62005 lb
370E 1900转/分时为422马力 67862 lb 74141 lb
410E型 1900转/分时为443马力 70224 lb 82157磅
410E型II 441 hp @ 1700 rpm 69225磅 82157磅
东经460 1900转/分时为481马力 71028磅 92195 lb
460E二 1700转/分时481马力 69886 lb 92197磅