John Deere Motor Graders


Making the Grade

So many options, one obvious choice. Offering one-of-a-kind advantages and unequalled options, our grader lineup lets you decide how the work gets done. Choose from full-featured Grade Pro (GP) models with state-of-the-art fingertip armrest controls. Or opt for conventional lever-operated machines. In tandem or six-wheel-drive configurations.
机动平土机 Rated Power Net Peak Torque Operating Weight
670G/GP 2100转/分时为235马力 907 lb ft 42340磅
672克/加仑 255 hp @ 2100 rpm 939磅英尺 44040 lb
770克/加仑 255 hp @ 2100 rpm 972磅英尺 42760磅
772克/加仑 2100转/分时为275马力 1014磅英尺 44570磅
870克/加仑 2100转/分时为280马力 1053磅英尺 44760 lb
872G/GP 2100转/分时为300马力 1076磅英尺 46710 lb
620克/加仑 2100转/分时为215马力 750磅英尺 50000磅
622克/加仑 2100转/分时为225马力 771 lb ft 50000磅

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