GrainBag Equipment

It's in the Bag.

你的收获与布兰德·格雷恩堡的装备在一起。yabo88阿根廷Designed to fit your needs with extra capacity and flexibility in grain storage during harvest.

Grain Bag Loaders Capacity Auger Diameter Weight
3010 GBL 30000 bu/hr 20英寸 4080磅
3010HP GBL 30000 bu/hr 20英寸 4800 lbs
3012HP GBL 30000 bu/hr 20英寸 9860 lbs
HP Truck Unloading Auger
Grain Bag Unloaders Capacity Auger Diameter Weight
8510 GBU 8500 bu/hr 17 in 5760磅
12012HP GBU 12000 bu/hr 20英寸 11010 lbs