Roll Out Bucket

Wheel Loader Attachment

The yabo88阿根廷Brandt Roll Out Bucket provides outstanding reach and extra dump height by hydraulically rotating the basket easily from the cab of the loader when already at the max reach of the loader arms.主要用于储存或装载应用,这些桶可以帮你节省建造坡道的费用,甚至可以购买更大的装载机,在最需要的地方提供额外的高度。
Roll Out Bucket Weight Dimensions (LxWxH) Capacity
524K 4117 lb 55英寸x 108英寸x 55英寸 3.25铜钇铝石榴石
724K 5799 lb 75 in x 120 in x 60 in 5 cu yd