Simplified setup leads to consistently accurate results quickly and easily. Topcon lasers are mature, feature-rich tools with remarkable versatility. They're also really simple to use.
外部 说明
RL-H5型 Self-leveling construction laser
RL-H5B型 远程自流平结构激光器
RL-SV1S型 单斜面旋转激光器
RL-SV2S型 One laser with multi-task functions
RL-VH4DR型 多用途旋转激光器
坡度 说明
RL-SV2S型 One laser with multi-task functions
Utility 说明
TP-L5型 Red or green pipe/utility laser
接收器/传感器 说明
LS-B100型 Machine mounted laser receiver
LS-B110/110W型 机械自动化用普通激光接收机
LS-B10/10W型 Rod or machine laser receiver
LS-80 杆式激光接收机
LZ-T5型 GNSS N光束激光器
RC-5 机器人全站仪蓝牙遥控器

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