Magnet Field for Robotics Training

This two day course will cover the topics outlined below:
  • Configure new job settings
  • Setting up the Total Station
  • Backsighting,Resection,Check shot
  • Import/Export various file types
  • Stake out control/verify control
  • Perform topo surveys-as builts/stockpiles/OG
  • Accurately code survey points
  • 创建表面
  • Calculate volumes
  • Edit points/lines/surfaces
  • Stake out points/lines/surfaces/slopes

Registration Details

April 16-17,2019 at the yabo88阿根廷Brandt Tractor Branch in Bedford,Nova Scotia.
May 3,2019 at the yabo88阿根廷Brandt Tractor Branch in Paradise, Newfoundland

Class Requirements
Notebook,Robotic Total Station and Data Collector (if available from your company),Outdoor attire