Powerful Value,交付不仅仅是勃兰特的口号。yabo88阿根廷It's our company-wide promise to help our customers succeed by empowering them with the outstanding performance of our people and the uncompromising quality of our 亚博products and services.

Grown from the seeds of an entrepreneurial spirit over 85 years ago,yabo88阿根廷Brandt has a long history of providing powerful value to our customers through a solid commitment to strong core values;Quality,创新,承诺和客户关注。Originally yabo88阿根廷Brandt Electric designed and built innovative 亚博products including one of the first grain augers available in Canada.Eventually,yabo88阿根廷Brandt Electric became Brandt Industries Ltd.Today,yabo88阿根廷Brandt is a growing,dynamic and diverse group of companies headquartered in Regina,萨斯喀彻温省。yabo88阿根廷Brandt employs more than 1800 people across Canada and the US and services markets in over 20 countries and six continents.yabo88阿根廷布兰德是萨斯喀彻温省最大的私有公司,也是加拿大50家最佳管理公司计划的白金会员。


yabo88阿根廷勃兰特农产品。亚博engineers and manufactures quality agricultural equipment and markets these 亚博products through a dealer network in North America,Europe and Australia.

yabo88阿根廷勃兰特发展是一家以社区为导向的房地产开发商,拥有丰富的财务资源和久经考验的设计专业知识,build,高效管理,environmentally considerate and technologically advanced commercial business sites.

yabo88阿根廷勃兰特工程产品亚博(ISO 9001:2015)专门从事创新机器和系统设计,制造业,installation,以及世界各地的管道和采矿业的调试。

yabo88阿根廷Brandt Equipment Solutions专业设计和制造重型建筑设备的定制附件和防护装置。

yabo88阿根廷勃兰特金融provides financing for new and used equipment,including non-yabo88阿根廷Brandt 亚博products.

yabo88阿根廷Brandt Positioning Technology是加拿大西部和大西洋地区建筑业的独家Topcon经销商,测量/工程/地理信息系统,and agriculture positioning technologies.


yabo88阿根廷Brandt Tractor是世界上最大的私人拥有的约翰迪尔建筑和林业经销商,在加拿大的27个地方,从海岸到海岸。


yabo88阿根廷Brandt believes in safe workplaces.为了实现这一目标,we employ a number of safety risk mitigation measures including,但不限于:安全意识培训,risk identification practices,教育和指导,操作标准,and compliance management procedures.意识,风险识别,教育计划,and rigid safety standards ensure that we employ every measure possible to make our worksite safe places for our people.

Our commitment to responsible environmental practices in all aspects of our company is also a key priority.我们的关注远远超出了法规遵从性,反映了我们对自然的尊重以及对资源的负责任管理和管理。


Integrity has been defined as doing the right thing,即使没有人看着你。This belief governs how yabo88阿根廷Brandt operates and conducts business every minute of every day.We set a high standard for ourselves and we expect the same from everyone who works for,或代表,每一个勃兰特yabo88阿根廷部门。建立信任需要数年的时间,而摧毁信任只需几秒钟。我们相信,在我们所有的业务活动中坚持最高的道德标准是保持我们与员工建立良好关系的关键,our customers,and the communities we've invested in.


yabo88阿根廷Brandt recently surpassed $1billion in annual revenue.为了庆祝和感谢实现这一里程碑的人们,we're making special "Thanks a Billion" donations to charities,向客户提供回扣,与员工分享奖金奖励,在加拿大西部举办多个社区活动。 Learn More

"Despite our 85 years of perpetual growth and success,在很多方面,感觉我们才刚刚开始。Look for many exciting things to come from yabo88阿根廷Brandt.The best is yet to come." – Shaun Semple,总统