New Ag Product Delivers Value for Industry

New Ag Product Delivers Value for Industry


yabo88阿根廷Brandt农产品正在帮助我们的利益相关亚博者 - 农民和经销商 - 通过扩展我们的产品来找到新的运营方式来包括一个目的内置的装饰刀片附件。yabo88阿根廷Brandt在重型附件业务中利用了强烈的历史,以便通过数十年的建筑和林业行业的数十年来设计这一产品。

全新的yabo88阿根廷Brandt Ag Blade.让农民移动雪和青贮饲养,并用他们的四轮驱动拖拉机进行分级工作。新单元可提供各种刀片宽度,高度和拖曳配置,旨在使农民能够轻松找到右刀片。

This attachment allows farmers to get more value from their existing equipment and will help dealers to simplify their supply chain, giving them the option to get more of their equipment from a single vendor and eliminating overlapping offerings and unnecessary administrative load.

“We’re working hard to help both farmers and ag dealers succeed,” says Brandt Industries Vice President, Sales — Dealer Channel, Sheldon Gerspacher. “Brandt has a long track record of excellence in the construction attachments business and now we’re bringing that expertise to the farmyard as well. With this launch, dealers and their customers are gaining access to a tougher, harder-working attachment than ever before.”